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    Mental health has always been such a taboo topic – which is kind of ridiculous when you think about it… I mean people get sick all the time, we develop various ailments throughout our lives and they’re usually met with a ‘Get Well Soon’ card. But it’s not the same with mental health issues – they’re often swept under the carpet. 

    Sometimes it’s because people don’t look ‘poorly’ and other times it’s because we simply don’t know what to say.  Which I think is where we come in.   I often write about my jewellery that it says what you want to, simply and eloquently.

    For this reason we were delighted to work with Funky on their ‘Believe’ and ‘Happy’ campaign during mental health awareness week which launches on the 14th May.

    As a mother myself, Amy’s story resonates with me, the life change from carefree to carer, the lack of sleep and the omnipresent worry that you’re not doing anything right is all new territory.

    Admitting that you’re only just coping in any given situation is not easy for most of us… and the single best way back from the edge is by talking to someone you trust.  Sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that starts that difficult conversation, or the start of the long journey out of the mist, and it is a journey. In sporting terms it’s often a marathon, not a sprint. 


    As a designer, my jewellery is really a reflection of the way I see the world and I’ve had my fair share of learning experiences (many I would not choose to repeat) They all teach you something and whilst I think of myself as a positive person we all need a little boost now and again.  We need to be reminded that we are not alone and perhaps that we are not facing our demons alone.

    Jewellery has been worn as talismans throughout the ages so its perfectly placed to be worn as a daily reminder that things can get better… because we have to believe that things can get better… So such a simple act as glancing in the mirror and seeing your ‘Believe’ necklace might be all the boost you need that day !

    The messages on our jewellery or gift cards are all positive and wonderful reminders that moments of mindfulness are essential for our mental wellbeing and more importantly than that even, that someone loves us !

    When I package up our jewellery I’m reminded that actually I’m packaging up love from one person to another – my jewellery is simply the carrier…

    So please support mental health awareness week, join the conversation and help end the stigma around mental health issues...

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    This is what Spring looks like in Rutland, and a whole host of other places from what we can gather.

    We've been snowed in for four days now, but don't worry orders have gone out (mostly over our heads passed to the postman over a hedge at the bottom of the farm track - cue much merriement and a good dose of falling over in the snow...

    We thought you'd enjoy this picture of us in the beautiful surroundings of the farm - beautiful but rather chilly ...!

    Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly....

    When we'll be wearing wellies because of the flooding ....


    Until next time...

    ps here's a picture of the track leading to the farm (just because its beautiful)