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  1. fotorcreated

    Following on from our successful launch at Spring Fair where we opened over 80 new accounts ! We’d like to tell you a little more about Mercy Jewellery and our big plans for the future… 

    Essentially we think of ourselves as a sterling silver design company. For the past few years we have been researching the market and working towards our vision of quality personalised jewellery gifting. 

    We have now created collections that offer gifting solutions, doing the three things that we believe we do best, fabulous sterling silver jewellery along with great design and packaging. But of course we still have a weakness for colour and fashion, so we have introduced new fashionable collections of silver and the colour popping Druzy Rocks collection.

    We're so busy getting the show orders out right now, but we'll be back with some behind the scenes pictures of our collections in development...