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  1. S'now Joke : Spring in Rutland

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    This is what Spring looks like in Rutland, and a whole host of other places from what we can gather.

    We've been snowed in for four days now, but don't worry orders have gone out (mostly over our heads passed to the postman over a hedge at the bottom of the farm track - cue much merriement and a good dose of falling over in the snow...

    We thought you'd enjoy this picture of us in the beautiful surroundings of the farm - beautiful but rather chilly ...!

    Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly....

    When we'll be wearing wellies because of the flooding ....


    Until next time...

    ps here's a picture of the track leading to the farm (just because its beautiful)


  2. Amity & Grace New Year Collection

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    Happy New Year !  We're starting off the new year super excited to show you our Amity & Grace collection for Spring 2017.

    With vintage illustrations and classic black and white branding, this collection is divided into seven occasions... Choose from Love, Occasions or even the topical 'Girl Boss' for gorgeous gifting solutions made from Sterling Silver, with gold and rose gold plating, designed right here in deepest Rutland.

    I love a winter walk on the beach and almost always came back home with pockets full of shells. I was feeling rather nostalgic so I incorporated some beautiful conch shells into the collection.. This swiftly became my latest obsession, poring over science publications from the 18th and 19th century for ideas and  as so often happens i was inspired by the fabulous designs with so many stories to tell and dug deeper and deeper which led to the stunning natural history images and scientific illustrations. Plus of course, my perennial favourite - the knight on a white horse... yes i know he's not coming to save me, but a girl can dream... so do indulge me.


    We should of course mention that the jewellery is made from Sterling silver to our design, it will arrive on your counter carded and cellophane wrapped and ready to pop into the stand and onto your counter.  We've designed the cards with gift giving in mind and there's a space on the back to write a message for the recipient, whether its a simple 'Happy Birthday' or an 'I love you' or something altogether saucier... there's plenty of space for your inner prose to surface.  

    Where were we...?  Ah yes, the icing on the cupcake of this collection, the presentation.


    To complement the simplicity of our collection, our countertop point of sale display is rather cool if we do say so ourselves, its made of pale wood with simple black graphics, our home town of Stamford features in pride of place  #lovewhereyoulive and of course the super slim, sliding black and white understated boxes complement this collection beautifully.

    Amity & Grace Starter Pack

    We're hard at work on the new Spring Collections, so roll on January, we're excited for February and Spring Fair... We can't wait to show you our new designs...  See us in Hall 20 on Stand M05  

    Spring Fair is a trade only show running from the 5th - 9th February at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.