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  1. Lets get Typographical baby...

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    be happy flatlay a & G

    Typographical fonts are having a renaissance right now, Instagram feeds are full of motivational and observational quotes, and there’s something exuberant and full of live about a pastel background and a glitzy, glamorous gold font.

    When we sat down to design our Amity and Grace collections there was only one way I wanted to go… Typographical baby !  I love a message card, whether it be cute, loving or funny, So we set out to create a fun collection that was perfect for gifting or for a self-purchase – You know for those days, when you think… heck I need to buy something nice because I’ve been adulting for ages now !

    Well, the pastel blogger collection would be a great reward for adulting. We could have gone white and gold, we could have gone black and gold, but hell no, we chose pastels and gold, because truth to tell, we love a bit of bling..!  Our jewellery is usually quite gentle, pretty and refined as so who could resist the opportunity to go a little nuts.. and surround ourselves with pastel prettiness and golden bling?

    Our pastel blogger collection is perfect for boutiques and gift stores, it’s pretty enough to stand alone, but if it had a school report, it would say ‘Plays well with others’ I’m only half joking here… But I can imagine it in a boutique store displayed alongside the clothing as a pick me up, or till side in a Gift store adding to impulse purchases.

    We despatch our jewellery on the cards and protected with a cellophane envelope so no grubby marks will put off future customers.. We also have a rather cute wooden display stand now available if you like to display our jewellery as a collection. 


    We deliberated long and hard about the envelope colour for the Pastel blogger collection and in the end went for crazy bright pink… It’s so bold, vivacious and full of itself, we defy you to see it and not feel happier for it !

    So whether you want to tell your bestie that you love her more than cake or just give someone a reminder that they are A-OK in your books, the Amity and Grace Pastel Blogger collection is perfect… or as we would say … Mwwwah x

    Until next time…