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  1. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey...

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    Sorry, couldn’t resist a song line as a title…

    Its true we can no longer deny it Sum-Tum is fast turning into Autumn…and while we’re sorry to say goodbye to flip flops and sun tans we’re quite excited about our the Autumn looks…

    Blowing in the Wind is our perfect Autumn accessory collection. Each piece of jewellery is made from a REAL leaf, in a painstaking process of checking, applying finishes and polishing… Available as striking necklaces, beautiful brooches (a fabulous Christmas gift) and dainty earrings.  Our brooches actually double up as necklaces too, giving you two looks for your money.

    We thought we’d tell you a little more about our leaves in case you’re not familiar with them or you thought we’d picked them up in the park ?


    Sugar Canadian Maple

    Coming to us from North Eastern North America, valued as much for their syrup and wood as their fabulous fall spectacular leaf colours, the sugar Canadian maple has leaves of between 8-15cm long & equally wide (our jumbo leaves) This is an easily recognisable leaf and its simply stunning when made into necklaces or earrings.

    Birch leaves

    Also used for making tea, as well as for dyes and cosmetics birch trees are the most common native tree in Scotland, and often associated with folksongs and ballads.

    Lacey Oak

    Hailing from South Texas, this beautiful and unusual leaf ranges in colour from dusky blue to blue gray to grayish green. The lacey Oak is grown primarily to protect it and save this unique species

    Oak_leaf_necklaces (1)


    The cotton wood tree is beautiful and majestic. Its leaves are usually about 3.5” long and wide and have the distinction of looking like hundreds of little love hearts…


    Grown in Colorado, this tree produces leaves that twist and bend to protect them from harsh winds.  Their leave can be used to treat burns, irritations, aches and swollen joints 


    To see the full range of REAL leaf jewellery take a look at our website : 

  2. Autumn Leaves starter packs now available !

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    Our Blowing in the wind collection is simply gorgeous! We can’t think of a collection that’s more on trend for the autumnal months than this beautiful array of real leaf jewellery...

    It’s easy to introduce the range into your store with our starter pack options. Our Point of Sale displays show off the collection beautifully.

    Whether it’s your first time ordering the collection or you want to try new styles, each starter pack arrives with a wooden point of sale, show card and packaging free of charge. Each piece of jewellery has its own unique kraft backing cards which explain more about the individual leaves.


    The Blowing in the Wind collection comprises of earrings, brooches and small and medium sized pendants. There are 8 unique styles which are preserved in 5 striking colour ways, gold, silver, iridescent, platinum and rose gold.

    We have been showing the Blowing in the Wind collection for 7 years now and we’re always excited to decorate our display at trade shows with elements from mother nature to complement the collection. We use pine cones, fallen autumnal leaves and cut wooden logs. Its so easy to create an eye catching display from simple natural elements for this collection.


    Our jumbo leaves were a real hit at the Autumn fair and made such an impact. We have just added the limited edition leaves to the website. Even better the jumbo leaves have been reduced by 20% from their original price.

    The jumbo leaves make a beautiful, eye-catching window display, we recommend using a wishing tree for display or some simple branches. Hanging the necklaces from the branches instantly creates a statement that will attract customers. The leaves can also be used as a wear piece for staff to promote the collection. 


    We do spend a lot of time explaining that our leaves are actually Real leaves underneath the metal finish, and that each necklace, brooch or earring is unique because no two leaves are ever exactly the same... so in case you're wondering how on earth they are made...? Read on, this next section is for you....

    How are the leaves made?

    Our Blowing in the Wind collection features hand picked real leaves. Their surfaces are hand coated with a copper based finish which allows the electroforming process to coat the leaves.

    Firstly, each leaf is checked for imperfections, as only perfect leaves can be used to make our jewellery.

    The leaf is then fitted with an electrical contact point, and hand painted with a copper solution.

    Once this has dried, the leaves are placed in an electrolytic solution which has microscopic particles of 24k gold (nickel free) the electrical contact attracts the particles of gold and the metal builds up on the leaf to the perfect thickness, which preserves even the most intricate and minute surface details.

    Each leaf is a handcrafted piece of wearable art, unique and totally individual.

    Please note: all of our leaves and chains are top quality & made to UK specification. They are all nickel free and have been tested by the UK testing office.