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  1. Girlboss, basically a badass..!

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    So what's a #Girlboss ?

    In case you haven't heard the term, a Girlboss is basically an idea that's come of its time.  Based on the book by Sophia Amoruso of hte same title.  Sophie's definition of a girlboss is 'someone who is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it. She takes control and accepts responsibility.

    She has a vision and she knows where she's going but she wants to have some fun along the way !  She takes life seriously, but not herself. She's going to change the world, or at least contribute to it in a positive way. She's bright, hardworking and in laymans terms she's 'going for it'

    Basically she's a badass !


    When i look around me i'm surrounded with strong women that fit this description, they're working, making plans, running businesses alongside family life, raising children (often alone) and making stuff happen. They inspire me every day because i see them on their tough days and on their not so sure of life days too.  So we created the Girlboss collection as a homage to these women because even the most badass of us needs a little nudge or reminder that they're doing ok from time to time..!

    Choose from some iconic slogans, naturally we have #Girlboss to start us off, but how about 'Classy, Sassy & Badassy' or the 'Super mega awesome' for good measure? We created pieces with slogans that either say it how it is, or we simply fell in love with because they inspired us... 


    Oh and did we mention Unicorns?  Yes, there are unicorns in Girlboss along with coffee cups and wine glasses because whether your a protein shake kinda girl or your run entirely on caffeine there's a girlboss piece of jewellery just for you... and wine ?  Because its always wine o clock somewhere. 

    Our collection is made from Sterling Silver and finished where appropriate with Gold or rose gold plating.  This collection features our own designs so you won't see these pieces everywhere and comes in our signature branded elegant monochrome packaging. Girlboss is the perfect gift for the women in your life who are making things happen or as a present for yourself or a daily reminder that you've got this sh*t handled.